1 The copper-aluminum melt thermometer is a portable thermometer with rechargeable batteries as power supply and its measurement area does not have the limitation. The temperature measurement operation is convenient for users .Thermocouples with long life span reduce reduce the replacement every time..
2 HF-08TL has a self-checking systems for cold junction compensation. When switch on it shows the tested room temperature. The opertor can judge whether the thermocouple at cold junction is connected well and reliably and whether the temperature of reused thermocouple is in the compensation range to ensure the high accuracy.

When thermocouple is immersed into the melt, thermometer will capture the temperature of the meltIt can avoid the effect on the test accuracy caused by the operation, such as time of dipping thermocouples.

4 HF-08BX will buzz when capturing molten iron temperature.Buzzing can remind operator of moving thermometer quickly and thus improve application life span.

After buzzing, The measured temperature can be locked on red LED and read by operator.

6 Instead of gazing at the screen, operators may focus on the immersion depth and spray of the thermocouple to ensure their safety.
  7 Within 1 minute after arresting peak-temperature, the power will be off automatically, which can help to avoid the useless consumption and the reduction of recharging times so as to extend the life span of battery.
  8 When switch on , the power remained are displayed, which will remind the operator of charging the battery soon so that the measuring accuracy can be kept.
  9 The specification of recharge battery is 3000mA/h. Over 200 times measurement can be accessed for the new battery when fully charged. Adaptor will charge the battery within 5 hours.
  10 Modules with 500 stored records can be installed. Testing time and results can be copied via USB so as to be ascended and searched on PC.
  11 Tansmitting system can be optional for installation. when detecting the wireless signals, the outcome can be transferred to record acceptors or big screen for retroactive application and search on PC.


standard model numberHF-08TL

length rodstandard length is 1500 mmlengthen rod is optional

Graduation: K Type


Measurement precision: 0.1% F.S


Rechargeable battery: ni-mh 3000mA/h DC4.8V


Buzzing volume: 60dB

Charger: Input90 -240V 50C60HZ